Levesolls Orthopedic Seat Cushion Memory Foam


Brand Levesolls
Material Memory Foam, Rubber
Shape U-Shape
Material Care Instructions Machine Wash
  • U-shape Design: Orthopedic seat cushion with ergonomically designed provide support at the main pressure points, wrap the buttocks and relieve tailbone’s pressure. Relief the pain for sciatic, tailbone, back, hip, disc herniation, hemorrhoids, piriformis, lumbosacral arthritis, surgical recovery
  • Constant Temperature Memory Foam: Coccyx seat cushion is made of 100% high density slow rebound memory foam. Softness and hardness less affected by temperature. No deformation and collapse. Prolong the service life of tailbone relief cushion
  • Correct Your Sitting Posture: The contoured design of coccyx cushion conforms to the body curve design and promotes blood flow, provides ideal support for your hips and back, which help you develop a correct sitting posture. Reduce the pressure of pelvis and relax your legs
  • Wide Application: Compact design, 15.7×7.9×6.3inches. With an-ti slip rubber on the bottom, orthopedic memory foam support cushion suitable for office, home, plane, car, train and wheelchair. Fit for teachers, driver, students, disabled people, pregnant women, office workers, etc. Helps reduce discomfort in the coccyx, back and hips
  • Considerate Detail Design: Elegant velvet cover is soft and comfortable. The cover with zip is removable and machine washable. The portable side handle is easy to carry. Protect your tailbone with coccyx pain relief cushion

Levesolls Orthopedic Seat Cushion Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Back, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief Support Cushion for Office, Car, Wheelchair

A comfortable orthopedic seat cushion can solve the problems of hip deformation and tailbone pain caused by sitting for a long time


  • Cushion Material: Constant temperature memory foam
  • Cover Material: Black velvet
  • Size: 17.7×9.8×2.7inches
  • Weight: 720g

Constant Temperature Slow Rebound

    • Above 5 °C, constant softness and hardness
    • Below 5 °C, slightly hardened
    • Low odor, almost no odor
    • Softness and hardness less affected by temperature and more stable
    • Our constant temperature slow rebound cushion is more stable and more intimate

Release Pressure

  • Wrapped concave, painless sedentary
  • With a U-shaped hollow reduces the direct pressure of the caudal vertebra
  • Supporting legs, relaxing naturally

Keep the Perfect Hip Shape

  • Coccyx Cushion take away a lot of load from hip, prevention of hip deformation
  • Promotes healthy alignment of the spine, improves your sitting posture
  • Durable velvet cover is removable and machine washable

Different Genders Various Choices

  • Female use: W type is forward, relieves the pressure and prevents hip deformation
  • Male use: U type is forward, supports the legs and relax

Ergonomic Design

  • Suitable for the teachers, drivers, students, disabled people, pregnant women, office workers


  • The most comfortable seat cushion for office, home, plane, car, train and wheelchair