Iamcomfi Coccyx Cushion


Brand Iamcomfi
Colour Black
Material Velvet
Item Dimensions L x W x H 46.5 x 36.5 x 7 centimetres
Shape U-Shape
Material Care Instructions Machine Wash
  • iamcomfi Luxury Orthopaedic Seat Cushion with high density memory foam core of superior quality; with higher than average density our product has superb durability and its ergonomic, heat responsive design gives the ultimate support at the main pressure points by perfectly molding to the contours of your legs and bottom; our premium quality cushion keeps its shape providing continued, long-lasting support throughout the day
  • U shape cutout for pain relief and long term comfort; the innovative design can make our cushion an ideal solution in a number of situations like sciatica, lower back and tailbone pain; the cushion is firm and hard enough to keep your tailbone at an elevation raised from the seat to alleviate coccyx pain; it can also ease pressure in the pelvic area of the hip during pregnancy; the perfect cushion therapy both for men and women
  • Universal; driving all day or spending lots of time at your computer desk gaming or at work? Had enough of the long hours on a flight in an uncomfortable airplane seat? The stadium seating gives you a grief? You might be a cab or bus driver, you might be sitting in an office chair all day or maybe you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, what we know for sure is that you need our thick and padded cushion to keep you comfortable at all times; try it at yoga or meditation too
  • Portable and easy to clean; the soft, black velvet cover lends a stylish and elegant look to our cushions and it goes with all chairs and driver seats; the zip goes the full length of the cushion so the machine washable cover can be removed from the foam quickly and easily; you can carry the cushion grabbing the handle on the side, which is reinforced with extra stitching so wear and tear won’t be an issue for years to come

iamcomfi Coccyx Cushion – Orthopedic Memory Foam Support Cushion for Sciatica, Tailbone and Hip Pain – Pressure Relief on the Back and Coccyx in your Car Seat, Office Chair or Wheelchair

The iamcomfi Coqix Orthopaedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion was Designed for Pain Relief and Long-lasting Comfort

Back pain is a very common health problem affecting all ages from children to elderly and can be a result of a variety of conditions such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, herniated disks, hip pain, bursitis, bruised and injured coccyx, arthiritis etc.

Using the iamcomfi Coqix Seat Cushion when sitting for long hours can be an effective way of battling back pain resulting from such conditions. The cushion achieves pain relief by 3 primary features. Please see the picture below where these properties are explained in more detail.


The iamcomfi Coccyx Cushion Provides Excellent Support and Healthier Sitting Experience Thanks to these 3 Primary Properties

  1. Generally speaking, in a seated position the pressure exerted by one’s bodyweight is concentrated at the bottom of the spine, where the tailbone, in other words the coccyx meats the seating surface. It means that sitting on a hard, not well-cushioned surface for long hours causes the coccyx to bear an enormous amount of burden often leading to discomfort and pain. Thanks to the unique U-shape rear cut-out of the iamcomfi seat pad, the tailbone stays at an elevated position while sitting relieving pressure on the spinal column so you can work, drive or relax longer in your seat.
  2. The ergonomically designed memory foam distributes your body weight evenly across the seating surface by responding to your body heat and moulding perfectly to your bottom relieving pressure at strategic points of your lower body parts. The reduced pressure and better support means you can stay comfortable and pain-free for longer periods of time.
  3. Foam density is an important factor when choosing any type of memory foam product let it be the mattress for your bed or a seat cushion for your office chair. Higher density means better support and durability. The iamcomfi seat pad is of superior quality and is made of higher than average foam density for longevity and excellent support at the key pressure points of your body.

Note: if the cushion is to be used on a leather chair or sofa, please place a blanket or protective cover between the leather surface and the bottom of the cushion as the anti-skid dots might leave an imprint on the leather and might wear the leather surface out after a while.

Portable and Universal – No Matter the Place or Situation, You Can Experience Comfort and Support Anywhere It is Needed

4 common situations our happy customers are using the iamcomfi Seat Cushion are:

  1. In the car: using the Coqix Seat Cushion as an adult car seat cushion can mean comfort over agony to many who are forced to spend most of their day behind the wheel. Thanks to the iamcomfi seat cushion driving can become a more enjoyable experience again.
  2. In the office chair: many of us spend countless hours sitting at our desk without realising how this sedentary lifestyle impacts our posture and overall well-being. With adequate padding those long hours can feel a bit more bearable and can be less painful.
  3. In the wheelchair / mobility scooter: less mobility usually means more sitting for both the elderly and for people with disabilities. In many instances the seating surfaces of these accessories are not designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Luckily the iamcomfi seat cushion is!
  4. Pregnancy: the iamcomfi seat cushion can provide help in the challenging days of pregnancy too. Better support and pressure relief in the pelvic area can ease the discomfort experienced during the later stages of pregnancy.


The iamcomfi seat cushion comes in a beautifully designed box packaging making it the perfect gift for your loved ones. We also included a Carry Bag with your the Coqix Cushion so now it is easier than ever to carry comfort with you anywhere you go whether you are a frequent traveler or a professional driver. Also, don’t forget to grab our other Bonus, our E-book about lower back and tailbone pain relief techniques.