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Yes, Our customers can directly pay through thier PayPal account.

Yes. In fact, we strongly recommend using this payment method because it’s the easiest, fastest, safest and cheapest method of all. (Available for any country allowed to place orders).

 Your card details are sent directly to the bank, whose website is always protected by the highest level of encryption. As a result, a padlock and https will appear in the browser bar. The ‘s’ at the end of http means that it is a secure site. We do not hold your details at any time.

No, sorry. This payment method is not available on our website.

 No, sorry. This payment method is not available on our website

Visa and MasterCard have their own verification systems: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. These systems are aimed at verifying whether the transaction is being carried ut by the cardholder. There are several ways to prevent fraud, the most common of which is the SMS that the cardholder’s number receives after the card details have been introduced. If the card is not secured,.

No,we do not provide this service.